Returns home

-July 1941-

Roald Dahl returns to Britain after suffering recurrent problems following his crash in the Libyan desert

July 1941

-July 1941-

In the summer of 1941, Roald Dahl and the remaining members of his Squadron are in Haifa, northern Israel when Roald begins to suffer from severe debilitating headaches as a result of his earlier crash in the Libyan desert.

Unable to fly any longer, Roald is invalided home to Great Britain. There, he returns to live with his mother, who is now based in Buckinghamshire - the county Roald Dahl would go on to make his permanent home, and where he would later write many of his famous children's books.

In April, Roald and the other 11 remaining members of 80 Squadron took part in The Battle of Athens, led by Flight-Lieutenant Pat Pattle, who Roald describes in Going Solo as "a legend in the RAF." The Battle of Athens destroyed five of 80 Squadron's Hurricanes and took the lives of four of their pilots, including that of Pat Pattle.

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