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'I am not, of course, telling you for one second that your teacher actually is a witch. All I am saying is that s…

Don't be fooled by witches with their black hats, black cloaks and broomsticks, those are not REAL WITCHES. Real…

In need of #halfterm activity suggestions? Well dear parents, may we suggest that you take a look at the below!

@nbaines2 Hi Nicholas - if you mail we should be able to help.

A sawdust filled car purchased from Wormwood Motors can travel up to 100 miles before the gears start rattling agai…

'Everyone has their own version of Matilda.' #Matilda30

✨ 🇺🇸 Remember our Imaginormous Challenge? Well one of (very wonderful) 2018 Golden Ticket winners had their 100 wo…

Bruce Bogtrotter in 2018 would be sure to be chasing the (somewhat) elusive Hollywood Handshake it appears...…

'Matilda will always be the great outsider, the ultimate rebel girl.' #Matilda30

The story Matilda didn't just teach us to have a love of reading... #Matilda30

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Roald Dahl said, "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

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