The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

Years 5 to 8

School visit to the Roald Dahl Museum

Sessions for years 5 to 8

Whichever books you’re reading with your class, these sessions will take you behind-the-scenes to discover Roald Dahl’s writing processes…


Delve into Drafting

After a galleries challenge to learn more about Roald Dahl's life, you'll discover how he was the master of re-drafting! Explore Writing Hut, where you’ll see real examples of the changes he made to his work and find out about James's other giant fruits. Then use these processes to make your own re-drafting decisions.

Building Biography

Explore the galleries to learn about Roald Dahl’s biographical writing techniques from Boy and Going Solo. Discover the ways that he made the everyday seem special through real-life letters, headlines and extracts. Use what you’ve learnt as well as one of our ‘special objects’ to create your own bit of biography.

Unlocking Inspiration

Get creative in our interactive Story Centre to collect ideas for a class Ideas Book. Explore the galleries to find out about Roald Dahl’s inspiration for the worlds of Charlie and James. Then discover the author’s own Ideas Book with real examples that grew into stories like Matilda!



Explore the Archive: Re-drafting Roald Dahl

Discover Roald Dahl’s re-drafting process with examples from the archive throughout this session, including characters from the Chocolate Factory that you won’t have met before. Complete some hands-on editing activities, gobblefunk around with words like the BFG and hunt around the Museum for re-drafting examples from the master storyteller. Put all you’ve learnt into practice as you become an editor: turn Roald Dahl’s text into your own and send your feedback!


Village Trail

You can combine all our sessions with our self-guided Village Trail which will allow you to explore Great Missenden and its connections with Roald Dahl. You can download the Village Trail from the downloads panel on the right hand side of this page.

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