Grant Application Guidance

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Read this information to establish your eligibility for a grant

Who can apply

Applications to the pilot version of our Stronger Families Programme must be from our established 'Applicant Officers' (AO's), e.g. social worker, healthcare professional or charity representative.

If you are an AO who has recently received an email from us, and would like to make an application, please proceed to the application form.

If you are an AO and have not received any communication from us, but have an exceptional case that you feel meets our criteria and would benefit from funding, please contact the Grants and Finance Officer directly on 01494 892 170.

If you are a parent or carer and feel we might be able to assist you, please contact your healthcare professional or social worker.

We are unable to accept application forms or requests directly from parents or carers.


The maximum grant per family, during the pilot period, will be £500.  The programme is open to any family in the UK in which:

  • There is a child or children with a serious long-term health condition (‘affected child or children’)
  • The affected child or children are eligible to receive High Rate DLA (the Care component) or the Enhanced Rate for 6 of the 12 activities in the PIP or an has equivalent level of need
  • At least one affected child has yet to reach their 21st birthday
  • Some form of support would help improve the emotional or psychological state of some or all of the family members (not necessarily the affected child/children)
  • There are serious financial constraints that mean the family cannot access such support
  • The family has never received a grant from the Stronger Families Programme

The programme is NO LONGER limited to only those families with an affected child who has a specific neurological or haematological condition. We welcome applications from any family with an affected child, regardless of condition, as long as that condition is serious and is not a form of cancer. Levels of support for children and young people with cancer are far higher than those for other conditions and, with a small fund, we have had to take the decision to exclude families where a child has cancer. Please note that we particularly welcome applications from families where the child is undiagnosed.

What we will support

Here is a preliminary list of the kinds of things we think might be helpful:

  • Individual, family or relationship counselling sessions
  • Peer group sessions for dads, mums, siblings or affected CYP
  • Play, art or music therapy sessions
  • Outreach worker to help the family learn to play together
  • Meditation or mindfulness sessions
  • Equipment or expenses to enable CYP to join in activities with their friendship group
  • Access to social communications technology
  • Expenses to enable attendance at a conference with other families affected by the same condition/experience
  • Activity days to enable the whole family to spend fun time together
  • Respite care to enable parents and non-affected siblings to spend time together

We do not expect to fund:

  • Debts or payment of utility bills, rent, etc.
  • Trips outside the UK for medical treatment or holiday
  • Educational fees
  • Car seats, walkers, bicycles, pushchairs, mobility chairs
  • Specialist furniture, fittings or household appliances
  • Beds, cots, bedding, or clothing
  • Living expenses when a child is admitted to hospital away from the home town
  • Travel expenses to and from hospital

For those seeking this type of assistance, please see our guide to other sources of help on the right hand side of this page.

Stage one application for applicant officers

Further guidance for grant applicants