Stronger Families Programme

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Grants to families in financial hardship

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Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity’s Stronger Families Programme gives direct support to seriously ill children and young people whose families are in severe financial hardship.

We have helped over 4,000 families in the UK through our family grants programme since 1997, which is now known as the Stronger Families Programme. As a result of our well-targeted support, children and families have been able to get through a crisis. We have even saved some from eviction.

Every year we help around 300 children and their families. 

The Stronger Families Programme directly improves the long-term happiness of families who have a child with a serious long-term condition. These families often face huge challenges staying emotionally and psychologically strong.  Their emotional needs are often overlooked.  The stronger Families Programme goes some way to fill that gap.

 Pilot Version

From mid-June to October 2014 we are running a Pilot Version of the programme.  During the pilot period, priority will be given to applications from our established referring officers, referred to as ‘Applicant Officers’ (AO's).  Following the pilot we will make any necessary refinements and then roll out the new style programme from November 2014, opening it up to new AO's.

Please refer to our Grant application guidance for more information about applying for a grant.

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