Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room Applications

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Childrens Charity

Are you a UK children's nurse with a sparky idea?

We think that specialist nurses, at the frontline of care, are brilliantly placed to spot new ideas for improvement.

We also believe that the emotional and psychological needs of children and young people with serious conditions are always complex and usually difficult to address, requiring innovation.

That's why we've launched this new three-year programme, in partnership with the Burdett Trust for Nursing, to find new ways to strengthen the emotional and psychological health of these children and young people.

How the programme will work

Length - The programme will run for 3 years (from April 2014 to March 2017) with the projects that we fund running for 18 months.

Scale - We expect to fund 12 projects and to provide up to £15,000 per project.

Activity Timeline -

  • Projects will run between December 2014 and June 2016
  • We will collate the learning from July 2016 to September 2016
  • We will communicate the learning from October 2016 to March 2017

Support - We will offer tailored advice to the nurses on various aspects of their projects, from handling ethics committees to running focus groups.

Eligibility - We will only fund projects that:

  • are designed to complete within 18 months;
  • are run by a team of 2-5 people, led by a children’s nurse;
  • where all team members are employed within the NHS or charitable sector in the UK in an acute or community setting.  We generally expect all team members to work for the same organisation, but are open to exploring alternative arrangements;
  • work with children and young people (from birth to their 21st birthday) with serious long-term health conditions (other than cancer).

What type of projects - The projects we are most likely to fund are those that can make a compelling case why the proposed project is (a) a great idea for improving the happiness of children and young people with long-term conditions, and (b) innovative.  

You can download the full applications guidelines from the panel on the right hand side of this page.

If you feel your project might fit our criteria, please step into our Marvellous Nurse Inventing Room and complete our initial online application form. 

Please note the deadline for initial online applications is 9am on Monday 11th August.

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