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It's not often we take a register of Oompa-Loompas, Big Friendly Giants and Fantastic Mr Foxes, but it was wonderful!

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It was one of the best days we have had. All the children dressed up and it ranged from Esio Trot the tortoise to Willy Wonka. Everyone had a fantastic time.

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It's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate a wonderful author and raise money for charity. Children and teachers always enjoy it and support it fully.

Literacy Co-ordinator, Primary School, West Midlands

It's a really fun day (I spent last one dressed as a giant peach!) the children get very involved and enjoy themselves.

Class Teacher, Primary School, Scotland 1

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What will you dress up as this year? The Dahlicious Dress Up Days is back for the fourth year! Have you registered? http://t.co/afycSyxyfb

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