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Seren's Journey with Epilepsy

Seren and her family rely on their Roald Dahl Nurse

Seren from Mid-Wales

Seren is only six-years old and lives on a remote farm in Mid Wales. She has what's known as focal or partial epilepsy since she was born. Seren's Roald Dahl nurse Roz provides essential support for her and the family.

Seren has seizures that last for up to 45 minutes and parts of her body become very weak after she has them. Seren also has a benign tumour in her brain and has undergone surgery with limited success and will be required to have further surgery in the future.

Living on an isolated farm brings its own problems with Seren’s medication which has to be ordered well in advance. Thankfully, help is at hand, from Roald Dahl Nurse Roz, who’s a children’s epilepsy specialist. Seren's mum Ruth says Roz is indispensable. "She's my rock. I can phone her up and explain the situation and she'll listen. She understands and makes me feel like I'm doing a good job."

Seren's condition affects the family's day-to-day life and hospital visits as well as busy times on the farm make life hard. It can also be difficult for Seren's older brother IIan, who doesn't always get the attention he needs. Ilan always tries to help his mum manage Seren's epilepsy and sometimes has to stop the school bus to help administer emergency medication.

Seren's family hope that one day she won't have any further seizures. In the meantime, their Roald Dahl Nurse Roz continues to provide critical emotional and medical support for the entire family.