Roald Dahl's Marvellous Childrens Charity

Sam's Roald Dahl Nurse

Sam's Roald Dahl Nurse provides essential support to him and his mum.

Sam and his Roald Dahl Nurse Lilly

Sam is seven and a half years old and has as many as 20 seizures a day and up to 60 a week.

Sam was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago when he was five, but there were signs that all was not well when he was only three. Early on, Sam was treated for nasal congestion, but when the diagnosis was eventually confirmed, it was a scary time for his family.

His mum, Becky, remembers the first time Sam had a bad seizure: ”I was very scared, because he lost the feeling down one side of his body and had some kind of palsy in his face. He was unable to talk properly and his facial expressions had changed. We didn’t know what was wrong and, as a parent, your natural instinct is to want to protect and make sure your child is safe and secure.”

Sam’s mum says without their Roald Dahl Nurse, Lilly, the family wouldn’t manage as well as they do. Lilly is someone she can have a bit of a laugh with, as well as having her there to give emotional support and to use her specialist nursing knowledge of managing complex cases of epilepsy like Sam’s.