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Harley's Roald Dahl nurse

Harley thrives under Roald Dahl nurse's care.

Roald Dahl nurse with young boy

Harley is one of the children who Roald Dahl nurse Jodi Betts has been helping to make life better for.

Harley is two years old and has Wiskott Aldrich syndrome, a serious rare illness for which the only current cure is a bone marrow transplant.

Fortunately, a donor was found for Harley. Whilst the process of finding a donor and preparations were taking place, Jodi helped Harley with his Hickman catheter, carried out regular blood transfusions and provided his family with essential support, information and advice.

Jodi’s involvement with Harley and his family is now reducing because Harley is happy and thriving after his transplant. He has his Hickman line out and has been able to start playing with other children more.

Harley’s mum Megan said, “Having Jodi as our Roald Dahl nurse has been a massive help to our whole family. It’s been a very difficult time, and she made sure our countless visits to the hospital were much less stressful. It has been such a support to have Jodi at the end of the phone.”

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