What does your World Book Day costume say about you?

A word of warning: choose your costume carefully, as it may reveal more about you than you think...

World Book Day is soon to be upon us, and we can't wait. However you're celebrating this year, the question remains: which book character should you dress up as?

Fantastic Mr Fox? The BFG, perhaps? Or what about the Grand High Witch? Before you dive into a decision, we think you should know what your choice of costume says about you. Well, would you look at that - we’ve got some thoughts on the matter. No need to thank us. 

You are undeniably creative, inventive and a little bit of a show off. There's also a good chance you'll grow up to be a culinary mastermind, so choose your friends wisely as your dinner parties are set to be sensational. 

You're ambitious, direct and know what you want. You've been dreaming of donning pink sparkles, faux fur and bucketloads of sass for Thursday 4th March since the beginning of January - for you, this is just another opportunity to flaunt your fashion credentials. 

You're gutsy, courageous, smart and committed to the cause – in fact, anyone who rocks up to World Book Day as the original bookworm really knows how to work with a theme. You're adventurous and always ready to make a difference,  thanks to the vast library of knowledge you’ve built up from all that time spent in... well, the library. 

You never take yourself too seriously. How can you - you're wearing paper plates cut in half for ears! You're a great friend who is always on hand to listen to a problem, (putting those rather large ear holes to good use.) A word of warning for any grown up BFGs: Gobblefunk doesn’t always translate that well via autocorrect. Check your texts!

You're articulate, eloquent and just a little bit over-confident: Fantastic Mr Fox costumes aren’t worn by the timid. You're set for big things in life, but others shouldn't be too taken in by the bold bravado. Underneath, there’s a heart of gold... alright, perhaps it’s gold-plated.

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