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1. What’s your favourite kind of story?

A) Something with lots of characters and detailed plots

B) Something with a happy ending

C) A dreamy bedtime story is my absolute favourite

D) I’m all about the action

E) Bring on the comedy!

2. How would your friends describe you?

A) A leader

B) A sharer

C) A thinker

D) An adventurer

E) A performer

3. If you had one day all to yourself, how would you spend it?

A) Reading, reading and more reading

B) Spending time with my family

C) Relaxing and writing in my journal

D) Playing imaginary games and plotting amazing adventures

E) Playing dress up with my fantastic friends

4. Your favourite part of the school day is when you get to:

A) Spend time in the library, of course!

B) Catch up with my friends at lunch

C) Listen to a really splendid story

D) Write my own stories and poems

E) Be the leader of a group project

5. You have to solve a mystery! What is your first step?

A) Read everything I can find for research

B) Recruit a friend or family member to help

C) Wait until night-time and have a sneaky stakeout for clues

D) Just start guessing – my hunches are usually right

E) Make sure I am wearing my very best mystery-solving outfit

6. How much do you read outside of school?

A) At least once a day!

B) A couple of times a week

C) Probably about once a week

D) I pick up a book every now and then

E) I only read in school when I have to


You truly are a brilliant bookworm!

Matilda has read every book in her local library – why not celebrate World Book Day by taking a trip to your closest library to find something completely new to read? (But unlike Matilda, make sure you ask a parent or guardian to go with you!)


Something tells us you’re just as caring and kind as Charlie Bucket.

This World Book Day, embrace your inner Charlie by sharing a story with a family member or friend. Why not read them your favourite part of your favourite book, or have them read theirs to you!


The BFG and those enormous ears of his can hear all the whisperings of the world.

This World Book Day, our expert advice is that you put on an audiobook and sink into a story. The full range of Roald Dahl audiobooks are available to listen to, read by a fantastic range of famous fans!


If we’ve got this quite right, you’re an adventurer - just like James and his giant peach.

We advise you put that amazingly adventurous imagination to good use by starting your own story this World Book Day! All it takes is paper, a pen, a bit of imagination and you’re off!


Just like everyone’s favourite fox, you are quite fantastic!

Show everyone just how fantastic you are by creating an absolutely amazing costume this World Book Day, inspired by your favourite book character. Top tip: All it takes is a waistcoat, necktie, some ears and a bushy tail, and you’re Mr Fox himself!