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Roald Dahl in the Classroom

Bring the magic of Roald Dahl stories to life in your classroom with our YPO-sponsored lesson plans, spanning the full curriculum!

Created to align with Key Stage 1 and 2 learning objectives, our free lesson plans are designed to add a touch of Roald Dahl magic to the curriculum, from English, Maths and STEM to Art, PSHE and Geography.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Step into Willy Wonka's factory with your class and discover a world of imagination and invention. With Literacy and PSHE objectives, these lesson plans explore themes including identity and understanding others' experiences.

  • Build creative characters with descriptive language
  • Debate the pros and cons of television
  • Explore PSHE inspired by events in the chocolate factory
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Inspire your class with our favourite brave and brilliant heroine. These lesson plans span several subjects; try moving things with your mind in STEM, or overcoming Matilda's challenges in PSHE.

  • Take on a newt-based Geography challenge
  • Explore forces and motion in Matilda's Science class
  • Discover a Maths lesson for brilliant bookworms
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Discover buckets of whoppsy-whiffling words to gobblefunk around with. These Literacy and PSHE plans explore themes including friendship, dreams and believing.

  • Experiment with creative language and gobblefunk
  • Devise an exciting plot
  • Understand human rights by studying the Giants
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The Twits

Introduce your class to the most disgusterous duo we know and discover nasty tricks and sticky situations in these Literacy and PSHE lesson plans.

  • Create your own mischievous trick
  • Write Roly-Poly rhymes
  • Learn how to use dialogue in creative writing
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James and the Giant Peach

Take your class around the world with the help of some rather peculiar insects. With Literacy and Science objectives, these lesson plan explore themes incluidng invention and being champions for good.

  • Learn about gathering data by holding a fruit Olympics
  • Join James on a Geography adventure
  • Become a minibeast detective and create fact files
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Early Years Lesson Plans

Who said primary school pupils get to have all the fun? We've created an extra-special set of six lesson plans perfect for titchy toddlers, with a little help from the Enormous Crocodile!

  • Get crafty with Croc
  • Practise numeracy by counting Croc's teeth
  • Rescue the alphabet from getting gobbled up
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Fantastic Mr Fox

These lessons might just be fantastic. Join our foxy hero on an exploration through English, Drama, Design, Technology, Art and more.

  • Plan and write your own playscript
  • Create original animal characters
  • Design and make your very own digging machine
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The Witches

The Witches is a splendidly spooky way to bring some adventure into your lessons. Use the story of the Grand High Witch to explore Maths, English, PSHE, Computing, Art and Design.

  • Create your own Witch awareness videos
  • Collage the fearsome face of the Grand High Witch
  • Explore maths challenges with the recipe of Formula 86
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George's Marvellous Medicine

George's mischievous adventures are perfect to explore themes of invention, feelings and the power of words. Lead creative writing challenges and PSHE conversations guided by George's story.

  • Write poetry inspired by George's spells
  • Use dramatic techniques to bring the story to life
  • Understand and evaluate George's mixed feelings
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Danny the Champion of the World

Danny's dad teaches him many things about the world; let his wisdom inspire in your class with these inventive lesson plans exploring Computing, Design, Literacy, PSHE and more.

  • Design and make your very own kites
  • Learn debate skills inspired by Danny
  • Create atmosphere in a creative writing workshop
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Billy and the Minpins

The Minpins may be small, but they have some big lessons to teach. Join Billy and his crew for a series of lessons on Literacy and Art. 

  • Learn how to listen to others with different opinions to yours
  • Design your own Minpin party poster
  • Use colour, shape and space in your writing
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