To make a peachy piñata, you will need:

a big balloon
strips of newspaper
PVA glue
a paintbrush
peach coloured paint or crepe paper
green paint or paper
a hole punch

And here's how to make it:

1. Blow up the balloon as big as you can and tie the neck into a knot.

2. Mix some water into your glue and use it to cover the balloon in three layers of newspaper. (Make sure you let the newspaper dry between each layer!)

3. Once the newspaper is all dry, snip the knot to pop your balloon.

4. Fill your piñata with sweets!

5. Cut a piece of newspaper to cover over the hole in the piñata, and punch two holes in it.

6. Thread the string through the two holes, and seal the piñata with the piece of paper. (This string will hang your finished piñata, so make sure it's nice and long!)

7. Paint your piñata in peachy colours, or cut strips of crepe paper to create frills and glue around your piñata in rows.

8. Stick a green newspaper leaf to the top for a final touch.

9. Hang your piñata from the ceiling ready for your peachy party!