Taika Waititi is stepping aboard a certain giant peach, and he's invited some rather unexpected friends along for the adventure!

Over the next few weeks, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi will be reading James and the Giant Peach in full, across 10 episodes - and he'll be joined by some rather famous faces along the way.

The collaboration between Roald Dahl, Taika Waititi and the star-studded line-up of guests is part of our commitment to giving £1 million to COVID-19 impacted charities, including Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which provides specialist nurses to seriously ill children in the UK - and Partners In Health, a global health non-profit, who are operating at the front line in the battle against COVID-19 in some of the most vulnerable parts of the world.

The first eight episodes are available now at youtube.com/roalddahl, with new episodes available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm BST.

If you are able to donate to Partners In Health, visit www.pih.org/giantpeach using the button below and we and our partners will be matching every single donation.

The story is finished, but the celebrations are just beginning! Throw the peachiest of parties with your very own piñata.

The peach has landed in New York City! Wherever you've travelled, why not send a peachy postcard?

These Cloud Men weren't particularly happy to see James and his friends, but what if you were a friendly Cloud Man?

Anyone can join in with this magnificently musical episode. Try making your very own violin... from a shoe-box!

Not every peach can rely on 502 helpful seagulls to keep it safe! Why not try building your very own peachy parachute?

James and friends are off to sea on the incredible floating peach, but what else could they have escaped on?

Using bits and bobs from around your house, why not have a go at making some Hollywood sound effects of your own?

As the night sets in inside the Peach, the helpful Glow-worm leaves her light on. Here's how to make your own!

Spiker and Sponge spot a tasty opportunity when the Giant Peach appears in their garden. How would you advertise this spectacle to visitors far and wide?

James grew the Giant Peach with a little help from some magic beans - but all you need to get started on your own vegetable patch is some scraps!

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