To make a shoe-box violin, you will need:

a shoe box with a lid
four big rubber bands
PVA glue
a paintbrush
a tube from a kitchen roll
a pencil
green paint or paper
a paper straw
a black marker pen
four drawing pins

And here's how to make it:

1. Take the lid off your shoe-box.

2. Cover your box, lid, kitchen roll tube and paper straw in grasshopper-green paper, or paint them green and leave them to dry.

3. Draw around your tube on the short side of your shoe-box and cut the circle out. (Get a grown-up to help!)

4. Slide the tube through the hole and stick it in place.

5. Put the lid back on, and stretch your rubber bands lengthwise around the box.

6. Slide the paper straw under the rubber bands.

7. Poke two drawing pins into either side of the end of the tube.

8. Finish your violin with two swirly lines, one on each side of the rubber bands.

9. You’re ready to play! Try different rubber bands, or swapping the straw for something else to see how the sound changes.