April 1941

Roald Dahl rejoins his RAF squadron in Athens, Greece

April 1941

April 1941

After six months in hospital following his crash in Libya, Roald rejoins 80 Squadron at the Elevsis aerodrome, near Athens, Greece. This time he is flying a Mark 1 Hurricane. Roald describes arriving to join his Squadron in Going Solo and learning that his plane is one of only 15 Hurricanes left in Greece. 

He says: "To some extent I was aware of the military mess I had flown in to. I knew that a small British Expeditionary Force, backed up by an equally small air force, had been sent to Greece from Egypt a few months earlier to hold back the Italian invaders, and so long as it was only the Italians they were up against, they had been able to cope. But once the Germans decided to take over, the situation immediately became hopeless." 

In April, Roald and the other 11 remaining members of 80 Squadron took part in The Battle of Athens, led by Flight-Lieutenant Pat Pattle, who Roald describes in Going Solo as "a legend in the RAF." The Battle of Athens destroyed five of 80 Squadron's Hurricanes and took the lives of four of their pilots, including that of Pat Pattle.

Roald Dahl during his time in the RAF

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