The Honeys

Staged in 1955


The Honeys was Roald Dahl's first and only stage play.



The Honeys was Roald Dahl's first and only stage play. A comedic version of three stories from the collection Someone Like You, the play - as he explained to his agent - "follows a woman through three marriages with three different men... In each case the husband is murdered because he deserves it." 

The show opened in the USA in 1955 to poor reviews. It closed soon after, though it was picked up for a UK production and opened in London under the title Your Loving Wife in 1956. That production also had a short run, closing later that year. Aside from a couple of amateur revivals, The Honeys has never been professionally produced again.

Roald returned to some of the themes from the play in his 1960s series for American television 'Way Out and the 1980s British TV series Tales of the Unexpected, both of which also featured short stories from Someone Like You.

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