The Enormous Crocodile

Published in 1978


The Enormous Crocodile was first published in 1978. It was the first of Roald Dahl's stories to be illustrated by Quentin Blake.



Crocodiles are such greedy creatures - and their favourite lunchtime snack happens to be a juicy child or two! The Enormous Crocodile isn't as smart as he thinks though, so he had better watch out...

As a young man, Roald Dahl lived in Africa. Not only did he have to avoid hungry crocodiles, but also marauding monkeys and deadly snakes. These experiences remained with him, and he remembered them when he came to write The Enormous Crocodile many years later.

The Enormous Crocodile was first published in 1978. It was the first book Roald wrote for younger children, and it was also the first of his stories to be illustrated by Quentin Blake - marking the beginning of a now legendary partnership.

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I’m going to fill my hungry empty tummy with something yummy yummy yummy yummy...

The Enormous Crocodile 1

Roald Dahl's The Enormous Crocodile.

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