6 reasons why Miss Honey was the best

We all know Miss Honey was wonderful. Just in case you needed a little reminder as to why, read on!

1. There is not and never will be another fictional teacher as kind or as lovely as Miss Honey. For goodness sake even her name is sweet!

2. She taught her class to spell in exciting and unusual ways. In fact she probably taught you to without you realising. Go on try and spell DIFFICULTY.
(You’ll have that in your head for a while. Sorry about that.)

3. Everyone may talk to Matilda as being brave and standing up for what she believes in but it wasn’t just her. Miss Honey did too. Upon realising Matilda was pretty much a prodigy, Miss Honey took on The Trunchbull in a bid to get her moved up to the top class. She also went round to Casa Wormwood too in a bid to make others believe in Matilda’s brilliance!

4. Yes we know Matilda Wormwood is wonderful (and she really is) but Miss Honey never sidelines any of her students just because she’s a bit special. Whether she’s brushing Amanda’s hair post pigtail swing or cheering on Bruce’s heroic chocolate eating efforts she makes time for all her pupils

5. She may have a very low salary (even by teachers’ standards) but she’s still willing to share what she has with those in need. For example we’re not sure there’s an idea more idyllic than cups of tea with Miss Honey in her flower strewn farmer's cottage.


6. This ICONIC glasses move. (You didn’t we would forget that one did you.)


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