Little Billy


Little Billy appears in Roald Dahl's last published children's story, The Minpins.



"Little Billy's mother was always telling him exactly what he was allowed to do and what he was not allowed to do." - The Minpins

When we first meet him at the beginning of The Minpins, Little Billy is bored. His mother has stopped him going out to play and most especially going to visit The Forest of Sin. But Little Billy is a resourceful boy and he sneaks out when his mother's not watching, ignoring her warnings about The Spittler and those terrible Vermicious Knids.

There is no Spittler but in the forest, Little Billy does indeed come across some ferocious beasts. He also meets The Minpins - tiny human-like creatures who live in the trees - and that resourcefulness comes in very handy when he needs to get home, past the dreaded Gruncher...

About the story

I'm not in the least bit nervous. Not me.

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The Minpins

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