Tracey Bowers' letter from Roald Dahl

In 1988, teacher Tracey Bowers and her class wrote to Roald Dahl - and he wrote back with another little rhyme

In May 1988 - one year after her colleague Alison Mitchell's class had received a letter from Roald Dahl - teacher Tracey Bowers and her class, The Jays, were reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as their class story.

The children enjoyed it so much that Tracey encouraged them to write to Roald Dahl and tell him. This is the reply they received:

Roald Dahl's letter to Tracey Bowers' class:

Roald Dahl's letter to teacher Tracey Bowers

The letter reads:

Hello lovely Mrs. Bowers and all the clever children who wrote to me from Jays Class at Balfour Infants.

Your letters brought bright sunshine to my life.
I showed them proudly to my lovely wife
Who said, "You really are a lucky boy
To have so many friends to bring you joy."
Alas, this "boy" is getting old and grey,
The hand that holds the pencil starts to stray.
So is there yet another book in me?
You're simply going to have to wait and see.

With love from,
Roald Dahl

Tracey says of the letter, "I have treasured it ever since. Every year it gets an outing into my current school on Roald Dahl Day to show the children, who are fascinated to think that the author that they are still enjoying so much actually wrote to me and my class."

"I have always secretly wondered if it was a standard letter that he sent out so it was lovely to see other different letters. It makes this one feel even more special. What a wonderfully kind man to spend his valuable time responding to the children directly."

Roald Dahl died in 1990, but he did have a few books left in him at the time he wrote this letter to Tracey. Matilda was published later in 1988, followed by Rhyme Stew, Esio Trot, The Vicar of Nibbleswicke and The Minpins.

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