Alison Armes' letter from Roald Dahl

In 1987, teacher Alison Mitchell (now Armes) and her class wrote to Roald Dahl. He sent back a little rhyme all of their own...

Roald Dahl often received letters from teachers across the world, telling them they were studying his stories.

In May 1987, Alison Mitchell did just that. The children she taught in Swallow class at Balfour Infants School in Brighton, East Sussex (now Balfour Primary School) all wrote letters to Roald Dahl, and were thrilled when he replied.

Roald Dahl's letter to Alison Mitchell's class

Roald Dahl's letter to teacher Alison Mitchell

The letter reads:

Hello gorgeous Miss Mitchell and all the clever children in the Swallows class.

From far and near, from near and far
Your letters come. How kind you are!
I cannot, as I'm sure you know,
Write back to all of you, and so
Instead I send (and that's what this is)
Lots and lots of love and kisses.


Roald Dahl

Now living in Sheffield and working in education at an educational charity based on a real working farm, Alison is also in touch with former colleague Tracey Bowers, who also received a reply from Roald Dahl.

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