Roald Dahl's correspondence with Terry Pratchett

In honour of Sir Terry Pratchett, the much-loved author who died on 12 March 2015, here are two letters from the Roald Dahl Museum's Archive showing correspondence between Terry - then a young reporter working for the Bucks Free Press - and Roald Dahl.
On 25th April 1969, Terry (then calling himself Terence) wrote to Roald Dahl asking if they could meet for an interview for the newspaper.
Terry Pratchett's letter to Roald Dahl, from the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre archive. C. RDNL.
 The full text of the letter reads,
"Dear Sir,
As an admirer of your work - both the short stories and the children's books - I would like, if possible, to visit you at some time in the near future to write a feature for my newspaper.
I wonder if you care to contact me at the above address so that we could arrange a meeting to suit you?
Yours faithfully,
Terence Pratchett."
We also have Roald Dahl's response, sent a week later and reproduced here:
Roald Dahl's letter to Terry Pratchett, from the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre archive. C. RDNL.
Roald Dahl's letter reads,
"Dear Mr Pratchett,
If you would phone me any day here around 12.30 I will see if we can arrange a meeting.
Yours sincerely,
Roald Dahl."

Unfortunately other than the small glimpse these letters give into their correspondence, we have no other information, so tantalisingly we don't know if a meeting ever took place.

Even so it's a fascinating insight into Terry Pratchett's early career, before he went on to delight millions of readers across the world with wonderfully imaginative stories - just as Roald Dahl had.

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