Roald Dahl's chocolate box

Roald Dahl's red chocolate box

Every night after dinner, Roald Dahl would offer his fellow diners a chocolate from this little red box. Whether he was dining alone with his family or hosting a dinner party for friends, the red chocolate box invariably made an appearance after every meal.

As Roald's wife Liccy Dahl says in the introduction to The Roald Dahl Cookbook:

"With the coffee he would place on the table a grubby plastic box crammed with chocolate goodies, irresistible to dogs, children and adults alike."

This is that box. Once full of Smarties (which were the favourite of his dog, Chopper), Mars Bars, Milky Ways, Maltesers, Kit Kats and much more, it has been cleaned up and is now kept carefully in the Roald Dahl Museum archives.

After all, Roald took his chocolate very seriously indeed - just take a look at his proposed History of Chocolate...

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