Every September we celebrate our favourite Roald Dahl characters, stories and moments together with fans the world over. This year’s global celebration of Roald Dahl stories will be marked on the 13th September as Roald Dahl Story Day!

Watch The Twits by the Unicorn Theatre


Part 1

Imagine the worst people you can think of, can you do that? Good. Then you’re just about ready to meet Mr and Mrs Twit.


Part 2

In which Mrs Twit gets a stretching, Mr Twit has a horrid surprise and the Roly-Poly Bird pays a visit …


Part 3

In which Mr Twit has a dastardly plan to get his bird pie, the upside-down monkeys plot revenge and the tale comes to a sticky end …

Watch the best bits of Taika and Friends


Unseen Bites

Even when your story is studded with some of the biggest stars in the world… things somehow still go wrong.


Fantastic Foley

He acts, he writes, he directs, and he even does his own sound effects. Taika Waititi's fantastic homemade foley, for your viewing pleasure.


Terrific Tangents

We did ask him to stick to the script, but you can probably guess how successful that was. Taika Waititi's terrifically weird tangents: don't say we didn't warn you.


Yo-Yo Plays A Solo

What happens when you ask an award-winning cellist to read you a story? Things get a little musical.


Ryan Reynolds Sings the Centipede's Song

Ryan Reynolds sings the Centipede's song from James and the Giant Peach. Yes, you read that correctly.

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