13 Acts of Bravery with the Natural History Museum

This Roald Dahl Day we've asked our friends to be inspired by the ever marvellous Matilda and share their very own 13 Acts of Bravery.

We've teamed up with the Natural History Museum to share 13 ways that you can be brave just like Matilda and go on an adventure around the galleries.

Take on a T. rex

Stomp your way through the Museum and take on a life-size Tyrannosaurus rex. 

Peek at a Python

Look past their slippery nature and discover the amazing anatomy of the Indian python. 

Face Danger in the Field

It's not all lab work at the Museum – it takes a brave scientist to visit deserts, rainforests and the Arctic.

Stare down a Scorpion

There are creepy crawlies of all sizes in the collection – it's time to face your fears!

Team up with a Trailblazer

See fossils collected by Mary Anning, the unsung hero of fossil discovery.

Venture into a Volcano

Studying live volcanoes helps us understand eruptions.

Watch out for Wasps

Wasps are not to be feared. Learn how they support our ecosystem. 

Step into the Solar System

Blast off on a space adventure to see the Moon, pieces of Mars and big meteorites.

Protect the Planet

Discover the largest creature that has ever lived and how we can work together to help protect endangered species. 

Meet your Ancestors

Find out about one of our closest ancient ancestors.

Dare to Dive Deep

Go on an underwater expedition to see the diversity of water-dwelling life.

Experience an Earthquake

Learn about how scientists study earthquakes all over the world.

Discover the power of plants

The Wildlife Garden is home to over 3,000 species of British plants and animals.


Celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2019!