13 Acts of Bravery with Forestry England

This Roald Dahl Day we've asked our friends to be inspired by the ever marvellous Matilda and share their very own 13 Acts of Bravery.

The most wonderful things await in the great outdoors. Forestry England have shared 13 Acts of Bravery for when you're out exploring. 

Snoop in the Shadows

Take a peek under a fallen branch or pile of leaves – you never know what creepy-crawlies you might spot. Identify them using the Forest Finds card in our James and the Giant Peach Adventure Kit.

Dare to Walk at Dusk

Go for a walk in the forest just as it starts to get dark. It might be a little spooky but you’ll spot all kinds of creatures who only come out night. Try our activity sheet to see what you could spot.

Close Up on Creepy-Crawlies

There’s all sorts of wonderful things to spot on the creatures you might find in the forest. Use the binoculars or magnifier in our Adventure Kit to take a closer look at them.

Hit New Heights

Had enough of walking among the creepy-crawlies on the ground? Get a new perspective on the forest around you by swinging through the trees on one of our Go Ape courses!

Pursue Forest Predators

The hunter becomes the hunted! See which forest predators you can spot, and use the Predators and Prey sheet in our Adventure Kit to help you identify them and their prey.

Discover the Depths

Do you always visit the same parts of the forest, taking the same routes every time? Next time you’re out exploring, venture off your usual path and head a little deeper into the trees – who knows what you’ll find.

Build a Bug Home

Scared of spiders? Understand them a little better by building them a mini home. The Miss Spider sheet in our Adventure Kit has tips on building your own web for eight-legged friends. 

Be a Friend of the Forest

It takes guts to protect our forests – find out what you can do to look after them by following our Forest Code. It’s not complicated – things like taking your litter home and keeping dogs under control make a big difference. 

Grow Something Great

If you spy a nibbled nut or seed, don’t let it go to waste – rescue and plant it. Find out what nuts and seeds need to grow into something wonderful using the Trees sheet in our Adventure Kit. 

Start being Sustainable

Start protecting the environment around you by challenging yourself, your family and friends to swap their plastics for sustainable wooden products. 

Be on the Lookout for Bugs

Think you’ve seen all the bugs you can? There’s always something new to spot – try heading out in different weather, or at a different time of year and get exploring.

On Your Bike

Swap to two wheels and explore more of the forest than you ever could on foot – our bike trails are a great way to challenge yourself and discover even more of the forest.

Scribble Down what you Spot

Every good explorer knows that the most important part of an adventure is recording what you find. Tick off your discoveries using the Forest Finds card in our Adventure Kit.

Celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2019!