An exciting new book in the Revolting Recipes series has been released today!

Marvellously Revolting Recipes features 26 brand new recipes inspired by Roald Dahl stories including marvellous (and most revolting) recipes for Fried Snowballs from James and the Giant Peach, Vita-Wonk from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Monkey Bark inspired by The Twits. 

The delightfully disgusting recipe book also features beloved family favourites from previous books in the Revolting Recipes series such as Wormy Spaghetti, Snozzcumber and The Enormous Crocodile!

With easy step-by-step guides and hints and tips for budding young chefs, Marvellously Revolting Recipes will give you everything you need to cook the most marvellous and most revolting dishes from your favourite Roald Dahl stories.