The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

Galleries challenge

Galleries challenge sheets

One exciting element of your sessions with us will be exploring the galleries using our challenge sheets.The challenges are designed to provide the children with techniques, tools and direction to assist them in discovering more about Roald Dahl and his writing process. The challenge activities are designed to be led by teachers / adult helpers and will require the children to be split into several small groups. Your Learning Session Leader will clarify instructions on the day and will circulate between the groups as you complete the challenge.

Before your visit

We ask that you prepare each of your accompanying adults by sharing the challenge sheet with them in advance of your visit. They will be able to read the instructions and timings, and the resource provides the answers too!  You don’t need to copy the resource as we will provide you with enough copies on the day. Because our unique Museum setting is designed for exploration, we don’t provide copies of the challenge sheet for the children, as a focus on paper and pencils can hinder the impact of exploratory learning. 

We do provide student versions of some of our challenges for older school groups as we know that these visits benefit from a more focused outcome.  For these groups, we will still send your adult challenge sheet in advance for you to prepare and will provide all copies on the day. Teacher involvement is still vital for the best learning experience!

The challenge is purposefully designed around our belief that the opportunity for your children to learn alongside their adults offers a powerful learning experience. Discovering a new environment and knowledge together allows students to learn in a different way to classroom learning.