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Make a Wonka factory machine

Enter the inventing room and build a new machine for Willy Wonka’s factory.

Make a Wonka Factory Machine

Willy Wonka is a master of invention and a chocolate-making genius. His factory is full of weird and wonderful machines making scrumptious and surprising sweets.

He has a waterfall to mix chocolate and a Great Gum Machine covered in hundreds of glass tubes that whizz and splash. He even has a room to make warming-candy that's ‘like the engine room of a gigantic old-fashioned ship’. There are humming turbines, huge pistons, wheels and pipes, dials and boilers. Just imagine the sounds they must make!

But, just like Roald Dahl, Willy Wonka is always searching for new ideas. And he thinks YOU can help…

Above: a section of an early draft of the book.

Family challenge

Don your top hats, grab your canes and enter the Inventing Room! Can you make a new machine for Willy Wonka’s factory?

Tools you might need

  • Recycled junk modelling materials. You could try boxes, pots, lids, bottles, tubes… the more interesting the better. (But make sure they’re clean. Willy Wonka doesn’t want a machine gunked up with old yoghurt and smelling of banana skins!)
  • Scissors
  • Building materials like glue or tape. You could also try elastic bands, string or paper fasteners.


  1. Decide what your factory machine will do. What kinds of sweets will it make? Will they be a brand new kind you’ve just come up with or another way of making one of Willy Wonka’s special sweets?
  2. Gather together your tools and get inventing! Investigate putting your recycled bits and bobs together in different ways before you decide on your final machine and stick it together.
  3. Unveil your new Wonka machine to family and friends. Wow them with your creative invention!

Extra, extra!

  • Make it move! Can you make any moving parts for your factory machine? Try adding something that turns, something that moves in and out, and something that opens and closes.
  • Decorate it. Paint, colour or collage your machine to make it extraordinary. Willy Wonka likes his factory to be bright and mischievous!
  • Make some warming-candy. Find something small and round, like a marble, bead or grape. Imagine it is a piece of warming-candy. Can you make a machine that your warming-candy will travel through and pop out at the end?
  • Set up your own factory. Willy Wonka’s factory is jam-packed with inventions. Create a few more machines of you own then lead a tour around your factory, just like Willy Wonka. But don’t turn anyone into a blueberry.

Join in

When we re-open you can join us for more great craft activities like this! Come and visit us at the Museum in Roald's home-village of Great Missenden.

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