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Make a chocolate wrapper ball

...just like Roald Dahl's!

Make a chocolate wrapper ball

Roald Dahl’s chocolate wrapper ball sat on his desk in his Writing Hut for 36 years. You might be able to spot it on his table even if you can’t come and see the real thing just yet.

Roald Dahl described how he began making his chocolate wrapper ball when he started work at an office in London, aged 18. He had a chocolate bar with foil round it at lunch, a bit like a KitKat. This is what he did with the silver wrapper:

On my very first day I rolled it into a tiny ball and left it on my desk. On the second day I rolled the second bit of silver paper around the first bit. And every day from then on I added another bit of silver paper to that little ball. The ball began to grow…

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl's chocolate wrapper ball

Above: Roald Dahl's chocolate wrapper ball on the table in his Writing Hut.

Family challenge

While you’re at home, why not make your own chocolate wrapper ball just like Roald Dahl’s?

  1. Enjoy a scrumptious chocolate bar treat! Roald Dahl liked KitKats and Cadbury Dairy Milk the best. Have you chosen something different?
  2. Roll your chocolate wrapper into a tiny ball. Don’t forget where you put it!
  3. Every time you gobble some chocolate, add the wrapper onto the ball to make it bigger.
  4. Keep scrunching and squeezing the ball to squish the wrappers really tightly. This will help to hold it together.
  5. Show off your final wrapper ball somewhere special just like Roald did.

Extra, extra!

  • Use all of your senses. Slowly unwrap your chocolate bar before scoffing it! What can you see, hear, feel, smell and taste? Roald Dahl used his senses to write about chocolate and there are even chocolate doors you can smell at the Museum. Can you think of any bits of Roald's stories that might have been inspired by unwrapping and enjoying chocolate bars?
  • Supersize it! How gigantic can you make your wrapper ball without it falling apart? Measure it and record the size every day.
  • Experiment with materials. Try making a ball from other pieces of packaging. Is it easier or harder than using chocolate wrappers? What could you make with your chocolate wrappers instead of a ball?
A silver ball growing in size

See it for yourself

Come and see the chocolate wrapper ball for yourself! Come and visit us at the Museum in Roald Dahl's home-village of Great Missenden.

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