Our Brand Values

Roald Dahl’s stories demonstrate core values which we aim to exemplify throughout our brand and business behaviour as follows:

Championing young people

Roald Dahl’s stories are always on the side of children and demonstrate the enormous power of the seemingly small and vulnerable.

Celebrating Inclusivity

Roald Dahl’s stories recognise the marginalised, the neglected, the orphaned, the lonely – we believe in inclusivity for all groups, across all strands of our business.

Embodying Kindness

The only true currency in Roald Dahl’s stories is kindness – the mean hearted are fated to grizzly endings – and our young heroes are driven by the love of friends, of animals, of giants! We aim to embody the same full-hearted approach.

Prizing Quality and Invention

We try to emulate the creative prowess of Willy Wonka – pushing the boundaries of innovation and ensuring we protect quality - nothing leaves The Inventing Room until it’s absolutely perfect!