Jamie Thomson

The Dark Lord tells us his top tips for creating a buzzwangling book.

The Dark Lord himself, Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson, AKA The Dark Lord, won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2012 for his book Dark Lord: The Teenage Years. Read on for his inspiring tips.

1. Write a little bit every day. About anything.

2. Think about why people do the things they do. Why did so and so give blood? Why did he shoplift? Why did she give money to charity? Why does he want to conquer the world? Everyone has a reason for everything. Mostly. And so should the characters you create.

3. Carry a little book with you so you can write down any ideas you have. A black book with skulls on preferably. Well, if you're Dark Lord that is.

4. Turn things on their head. When you're having a cup of tea, for instance, think about what it would be like if you were having that tea on Mars, or on a train in Turkey in 1910 or a submarine in ww2. What would be different? How would you describe it?

5. Daydreaming is good. Except when you're driving.