Eva Katzler

Author and illustrator Eva Katzler shares her top writing tips.

Image of Eva Katzler

Author Eva Katzler is the creative force behind the Florentine and Pig series of books. Eva ran buckswashling pirate-themed workshops at the Roald Dahl Museum in 2013, based on her Lost Pirate Adventure book. Arrrr!

Improve your creative writing with these tips from Eva.

1. Environment – pick a spot that makes sense to you. I love writing in cafes; lots of scope for people watching and inspiration!

2. Go for a walk. Look up and down and around you in a way you may not have done before. You’ll see things you’ve never seen and discover new perspectives on things you thought were very familiar.

3. Write a letter to yourself from one of your characters. This will help get to know your characters even better.

4. Read stories you love. The more input you have the more output there’ll be.

5. Scribble down all your ideas. Keep a notebook with you and write down everything you think could be an idea for story. You’ll have a bank of bits and pieces before you know it and lots of ideas to dip into when you’re a bit stuck.

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