B. J. Novak

A selection of great creative tips from screenwriter, director and children's author B. J. Novak.

BJ Novak

A selection of great creative tips from B. J. Novak, screenwriter, director and author of the award-winning children's book The Book With No Pictures.

1. Write for your friends! The best writing is not done for your class, but for peers. Write the kind of stuff your friends would actually be interested to read.

2. Outlining is the good kind of cheating! Jot down some notes of the best ideas you have for what you’re writing. Then, when you feel stuck, you can always look at the outline you made. It’s like taking a test with the answers in front of you.

3. Surprise yourself. You may start your writing thinking you know the whole plan, and then another idea might come to you as you write.  Let it happen!

4. It’s always okay to be funny. Even serious writing, emotional writing, romantic writing, and scary writing can have funny moments - just like life itself.

5. Perform what you write. One of the best ways to improve your writing is to hear it performed out loud for an audience - whether you’re writing a play, a poem, or just a story you can read out loud to friends and family.