Super Easy Roald Dahl Quiz

Fancy testing your Roald Dahl knowledge? See how many of our Super Easy Quiz Questions you can get right.

Roald Dahl's The Twits, illustrated by Quentin Blake

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Super Easy Quiz Questions

  1. Who runs the Chocolate Factory?
  2. Who did George make his medicine for?
  3. Who did the BFG snatch from the 'norphanage'?
  4. Who is the Champion of the World?
  5. What did Danny's father hunt?
  6. Who is Matilda's headmistress?
  7. What do the Giraffe, the Pelly and the Monkey do?
  8. What story is about a 'Fantastic' animal?
  9. What does the Enormous Crocodile like to eat?
  10. What does Mrs Twit put in Mr Twit's spaghetti?
  11. Where was Roald Dahl born?
  12. Name one of Roald Dahl's schools.
  13. Which book tells of Roald Dahl's early childhood?
  14. Where did Roald Dahl write his stories?

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