Fantastic Mr Fox lesson plans

Explore the themes of Fantastic Mr Fox with these lessons in English, Art and Design.

The words 'Fantastic Mr Fox' sit on a purple background, surrounded by floating chicken feathers

Fantastic Mr Fox is another of Roald Dahl's stories that was heavily influenced by the Buckinghamshire countryside he grew up in. it even found its way into director Wes Anderson's 2009 stop-motion film adaptation of the book, and models for the set were based on locations in Great Missenden, the town Roald lived and which is now home to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

Fantastic Mr Fox offers a wonderful insight into Roald Dahl's use of alliteration and language. In this literacy lesson plan, students are invited to use the story to investigate these linguistic tricks.

New for 2018, explore their wonderfully revolting world from the comfort of your classroom with these six excellent lesson resources created with YPO. 

English Objectives

  • Create simple settings and plots for stories. 
  • Use deduction and inference skills whilst reading.
  • Consider and evaluate different points of view. Use persuasive language. 

Art and Design Objectives

  • Use colour to convey emotion in artwork. 

Design Technology Objectives

  • Select materials according to their functional and aesthetic qualities. 
  • Use pulleys and levers 
  • Design and make a dilemma board game including a battery light and buzzer in a board game design  

These read-along resources include extracts, Literacy and Art and Design, Design Technology learning objectives, lesson plans and fun activity sheets! 

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You can also plan a trip to the Roald Dahl Museum for your class - find out more here.