Revolting Recipes


Make your own Roald Dahl-inspired treats, with a selection from Completely Revolting Recipes.



Published in 2009, Completely Revolting Recipes features fifty recipes from some of Roald Dahl's famous stories - including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, The BFG and Matilda - brought up-to-date from the earlier books Revolting Recipes and Even More Revolting Recipes.

As Roald Dahl's wife, Liccy, says in the introduction to Completely Revolting Recipes, "every Roald Dahl fan would love to nibble at the pages of their books and find they taste of Plushnuggets or Sherbert Slurpers or Tummyticklers..."

So, this book features fizzy lifting drinks and whipple-scrumptious sundaes, wormy spaghetti and green pea soup, scrambled dregs and liquid chocolate. Many of Roald's wonderful recipes are bought to life by Liccy's chef friends in this collection for you to make yourself in your own kitchen.

And if that makes your tummy rumble just reading about it, below you'll find a few of those Completely Revolting Recipes for you to preview at home... just MAKE SURE you have an adult with you, especially when you're using knives, handling anything hot, or using a food processor.

All the recipes reprinted in this section use metric measurements and have been given a grading to show how easy or difficult they are. Please have a look at all the information with an adult before you start.

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