Mr Twit's beard

Make your very own Mr Twit beard

Roald Dahl's Mr Twit, illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Mr Twit from Roald Dahl's The Twits is one of the most horrible and messy men ever. His beard is full of disgusting left-over food like sardines, cheese and cornflakes.

Take a look at the panel to your right, where you can download your very own Mr Twit beard. Ask an adult to cut out the beard shape for you, then draw maggoty pieces of food or stick bits of rubbish and wool on the picture to make it look really disgusting.

After you've finished you can attach it to your face with a piece of string or elastic and, hey presto, you'll be just like Mr Twit.

Just don't transform yourself entirely - that Mr Twit is not a pleasant fellow...

Make your own Mr Twit beard

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