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Payroll giving

Giving directly from your salary is easy and tax effective

Payroll Giving

Regular donations enable us to plan confidently for the future, supporting more children who need us because we know we can rely on the money coming in.

Giving directly from your salary is a simple way to make a regular contribution to our work with seriously ill children.

The benefit is that your donation is deducted before tax, so the charity receives more from a smaller donation.  If you made a donation of £5 per month, we would receive £6.25, or even more if you are a higher rate tax payer.

If you'd like to give a regular donation from your salary you can sign up today with The Payroll Giving Team.

For companies

Offering a payroll giving scheme at your company is a great benefit to your employees and is a quick and simple process to implement.

If you'd like to set up a payroll giving scheme in your workplace you can find out more about how it works from The Payroll Giving Team.

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