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Christmas Appeal - Lara's Story

Lara is 10 years old and has a complex and undiagnosed condition. Once upon a time, in Christmas past, Lara's mum: "I found it really hard to accept Lara’s condition at first and I used to cry at all her appointments and meetings." However, now it's Christmas present and a different story as Lara has Anna, her Roald Dahl Nurse: “It all changed when we got the support of Anna, our Roald Dahl Nurse. What the charity has done for us is priceless. We need Anna. She’s been at our side since and we haven’t looked back. Lara and Anna have a special bond, Lara is ready for anything now.” You can help more seriously ill children like Lara this Christmas by donating to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity today.

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