Become the Ultimate Bookworm with Matilda

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Roald Dahl HQ
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4:00pm, 14th February

Learn how to love reading as much as Matilda with these handy tips - just in time for World Book Day!

Want to become a bookworm like Matilda but not sure how to start? You might not usually spend your spare time reading, but there’s no reason why you can’t become a brilliant bookworm. We’ve drawn inspiration from the Reader of Books herself to help you get started.

Matilda’s home isn’t the ideal place to relax with a book, but she manages to make a reading den in her small bedroom. It’s a place with no distractions where the books can carry her away.

TOP TIP: Make sure you have somewhere cosy to read. How about making a den out of sheets or snuggling down in your favourite armchair?

You’ll need some fuel for all that brainbox power you’ll be using! Matilda loves a cup of hot chocolate by her when she reads, or how about you get your hands on some fresh fruit or a smoothie.

TOP TIP: Get yourself a snack or a drink to enjoy. Maybe you can theme your snacks around the book you are reading?

Even though Matilda’s gruesome parents are less than supportive, our hero still manages to find people to help her on her reading journey.

TOP TIP: Whether you find someone to recommend books like Matilda’s librarian Mrs Phelps, or someone to help you improve your reading like Miss Honey, it’s always fantastic to know that you have a helping hand. 

The library is where Matilda truly discovers her love of books. It’s a brilliant place to discover new things to read from all over the world, with a special section just for children.

TOP TIP: Get yourself to a library! Matilda goes alone but do ask a grown-up to come with you (they can help you reach books on high shelves). We’d also suggest chatting to your librarian. They have wonderful knowledge on all things bookish and can help you choose the right book for you.

Matilda loves words. She loves learning how to spell them, how to rhyme them, and discovering new ones.

TOP TIP: Keep a notebook and a pencil by you when you read. Write down your favourite words as you go and re-read them when you have finished. Maybe you can impress your teacher by including one in your next piece of creative writing. 

There are so many types of books, from action and adventure to drama and comedy. Not everyone likes the same books, and that’s okay! Matilda particularly enjoys mysteries - The Secret Garden is one of her favourites. Our hero also adores funny books; as she says, “Children are not so serious as adults and love to laugh”. 

TOP TIP: When you have finished one book, try something different. If you have just finished a funny book, why not try something thrilling. If you have finished a fairy-tale, try something more gruesome (here at Roald Dahl HQ we can recommend a few of these…). 

There are so many different things to read in this world. With no books in her house, Matilda starts by reading newspapers, magazines and cookbooks!

TOP TIP: If you really want a challenge, why not ask a grown-up if you can try and read a bit of their newspaper, or next time you are baking, see if you can be the one to read out the instructions.

Enjoy yourself! In the words of Mrs Phelps, “Don’t worry about the bits you can’t understand, sit back and allow the words to wash around you, like music”. Once you do this, you are sure to find a love of reading for life.