Ten Ideas for Celebrating World Book Day in Lockdown

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Roald Dahl HQ
Posted on
8:00am, 2nd March

World Book Day 2021 might be a little different, but there are lots of ways to celebrate at home.

We might all be celebrating a little differently this year but we’ve been working hard with our friends at World Book Day to make the day as brilliant and booky as ever! Here's how you can celebrate the most exciting day of the year* at home.

*If you like books, that is. If you don't, you may want to stop reading here.

Settle down with a bedtime story

We are very proud to be partnering once again with World Book Day as the very first video on their official 10 Minute Story Sharing playlist. We'll be sharing an extract from The Twits, as created and performed by the Unicorn Theatre - watch the clip in all its sneaky, slimey, wormy glory now!

Find your perfect World Book Day costume...

If you're planning to dress up for the big occasion, may we suggest you choose one of our most clever characters? Take our very scientific quiz to find the perfect costume for you.

...or have a go at making your own!

Take a peek at our World Book Day hub to find delightful (and more importantly, easy!) homemade costume ideas.  

(Or save yourself some time and pop to the shops.)

If the thought of a glue gun and tin foil fills you with dread, you could always visit our friends at Smiffy's who can help your little ones wow as Wonka, channel their inner Matilda or be as fantastic as Mr Fox.

Discover heaps of fun activities

If you're looking for fun things to make and do, look no further than our new World Book Day pack, positively bursting with activity sheets, a biffsquiggling book quiz and more - and all ready to download for free.

Test your knowledge of all our splendid stories

Do you think you're a Roald Dahl expert? Think again - time to sharpen that brainbox of yours on this terribly tricky quiz.

Find out what your costume says about you

Once you've made the very important decision of what to wear, you may want to take a read of this. It seems your costume may reveal more about you than you might think...

See how you measure up to Matilda's reading list

By the age of four years and three months, Matilda had read all of these rather impressive titles. You might not be a tiny genius, but how does your reading list compare?

Bring a little magic into your classroom

And for any teachery types - don’t worry! There’s plenty for you too: all our lesson plans are packed full of educational activities, ideal for World Book Day.

Or simply sit down for a few minutes with a favourite book

If all that sounds like far too much excitement, then there's nothing wrong with taking a moment to discover a new story - or rediscover an old favourite.

Phew! Well, we think that's everything. All that's left to do is wish you all a most fantastical World Book Day on Thursday the 4th of March. We hope you have the most marvellous of celebrations!