Roald Dahl Nurse Stars in Science Museum’s New Medicine Galleries

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Vicky Hewlett
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9:05am, 25th November
Photo: Roald Dahl Nurse, Anna

One of our marvellous Roald Dahl Nurses, Anna Jewitt, who is the world’s first SWAN (Syndromes With a Name) Nurse and is based at Great Ormond Street Hospital is starring in a video you can now see in Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries at the Science Museum.

Anna supports children who have an undiagnosed probable genetic condition, and in the video, she talks about the challenges families face who have children without a diagnosis. “It’s really challenging for the parents and isolating when you don’t know anyone else with the same condition. It’s a scary place for them as they can’t explain why all these things are happening to their child.”

The children are often under the care of multiple clinical teams and it’s Anna’s job to coordinate the care: “I look at the child and family as a whole and try to pull it all together and support them.”

One of the children Anna cares for, Michael is featured in another video also on show at the Science Museum.

Photo of Roald Dahl Nurse, Anna at the Science Museum Medicine Galleries

Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries features a staggering 3000 objects from the most significant medical collection in the world. Items on display include the world's first MRI machine, the first stethoscope, the first model of a protein and the first paramedic bicycle. There is also the world's first surgical robot, an iron lung, a walk-in padded cell, 3-D printed prosthetic limbs, a disc of gall bladder stones and Anna (of course) in video form!

Anna was invited to a pre-launch event to see the galleries before anyone else: “It was an amazing pre-launch event and I feel privileged to be a tiny part in these exciting new medicine galleries at the Science Museum. It really does add the human touch.”

Renata Blower, a mum of a child with an ultra-rare and undiagnosed condition, Dominic who is cared for by Anna was instrumental in the creation of Anna’s post. Renata had a really difficult time when Dominic was born and she has been working tirelessly ever since to make sure that other families don’t have to go through what she did. She got in touch with our former CEO and he was so touched by her campaign to fight for more support for undiagnosed children that the post was eventually funded by us and St James Place Foundation at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Renata said of Anna’s video being shown at the Science Museum: “I am over the moon to hear that it was considered significant enough to have been given a place amongst all the other exhibits that have defined the course that medicine has taken over the years, and I can’t wait to go and have a look!”

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One of the children that Anna supports, Lara, is the face of our Christmas Appeal – find out about her story and watch the video here –