"Thank You for Giving Me a Roald Dahl Nurse!"

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Vicky Hewlett
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9:25am, 10th December
photo of Lara

Ten-year-old Lara, who has an undiagnosed genetic disorder, and is supported by Roald Dahl Nurse, Anna, is fronting Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity Christmas Appeal in which she imagines a Christmas future where all seriously ill children have a Roald Dahl Nurse.

Thanks to the support and care from her Roald Dahl Nurse, Lara has built the confidence to live life to the fullest including fulfilling her passion for acting. This year, she is one of four actors playing the role of Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic, London. 

photo of four actors playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic Theatre

Photo of four actors playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic Theatre including Lara (far left).

Matthew Warchus, Artistic Director from The Old Vic said: “We are thrilled that Lara is one of the four actors playing Tiny Tim in our production of A Christmas Carol this year. It’s very important to us to give all children the opportunity to be on stage regardless of the challenges they might face in life. All four of our Tiny Tims are setting a fantastic example by showing that as Lara says, it’s about focussing on the things that you can do and not what you can’t.”

Taking inspiration from A Christmas Carol, the appeal video looks back at a Christmas past when Lara didn’t have a Roald Dahl Nurse and how that affected her mum, Sema.

Sema says: ”I found it really hard to accept Lara’s condition at first and I used to cry at all her appointments and meetings.”

We then jump to a Christmas present, where Sema talks about the positive impact that Anna, Lara’s Roald Dahl Nurse had for them both:

“It all changed when we got the support of Anna, our Roald Dahl Nurse. What the charity has done for us is priceless. We need Anna. She’s been at our side since and we haven’t looked back. Lara and Anna have a special bond, Lara is ready for anything now.”

photo of Lara and her Roald Dahl Nurse, Anna

Lara says: “It’s very cool to have a Roald Dahl Nurse as if I’m scared or sad, she makes the situation better.” And her advice for children like her who have to be in hospital a lot: “Be proud of who you are and do the things you can do and not the things you can’t!”

Lara is certainly embracing that philosophy with her passion for singing and acting. In addition to talking about her upcoming performance as one of the four actors playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, she shows off some of her singing skills in the video with a short blast of All I Want for Christmas is You and she may well appear on our TV screens at some point in the future with an audition for Britain’s Got Talent planned.

A Christmas Carol is on at The Old Vic from the 23rd November 2019 until the 18th January 2020. To book tickets, please visit www.oldvictheatre.com.

David Walliams has added a supportive message to Lara's Christmas Appeal video which you can watch here:

Please help seriously ill children like Lara this festive period and give the gift of a Roald Dahl Nurse: www.roalddahl.com/donate