Seren - One of Life's Stars

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Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity
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12:00pm, 20th June
Seren from Mid-Wales
  • Seren from Mid-Wales
  • Seren and her mum Ruth
  • Roald Dahl Nurse Roz

Seren, aged six from Mid Wales has epilepsy. Her Roald Dahl nurse Roz provides essential support for her and the family.

Seren is six-years-old and lives on a remote farm. Her name means 'Star' in Welsh and she more than lives up to it.

Since she was born, Seren has had a condition called focal or partial epilepsy. She has seizures that last for up to 45 minutes which are caused by abnormal electrical disturbances in her brain. As a result, parts of her body become very weak. It was also confirmed that Seren has a benign tumour in her brain. She underwent surgery with limited success and will have to have further surgery in the future.

Living on an isolated farm brings its own problems. Seren’s medication has to be ordered well in advance, and her prescriptions can take time. Luckily, help is at hand, from Roald Dahl Nurse Roz, who’s a children’s epilepsy specialist. Seren's mum Ruth says Roz is indispensable. "She's my rock. I can phone her up and explain the situation and she'll listen. She understands and makes me feel like I'm doing a good job."

Seren’s epilepsy is also photosensitive, which means her seizures can be triggered by exposure to flashing or flickering light. She sometimes can’t go to parties, or play with other children. Despite all this, Ruth admires the way Seren deals with the drawbacks of her condition. "She deals with anything and everything and just takes it on." 

There’s no denying Seren’s epilepsy has affected her family’s life, and travelling to and from hospital takes its toll, especially at certain times of the year, such as during lambing in the Spring. Seren’s elder brother Ilan, who’s 12, misses out on attention when his sister needs more, and this can be difficult for him. His Mum talks about how well he looks after Seren. "He has to deal with a lot more than other children. Sometimes, he has to stop the school bus while he helps me administer Seren's emergency medication. He's older than his years."

They all hope, one day, Seren will be seizure free. Seren is one of life’s true stars, who deserves the best of everything.

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