Matilda's Mischief

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Roald Dahl HQ
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4:30pm, 11th March

We're counting down to 1st April by celebrating some of Roald Dahl's trickiest, most mischievous characters. Now it's Matilda's turn.

Matilda Wormwood is an exceptionally clever and very courageous girl.

She's also a very good prankster, something her parents fail to recognise. They fall for every one of her clever tricks - but then they are pretty horrible, so Matilda's just getting her own back.

Here are a few of her particularly stylish tricks (contains spoilers.)

1. The Hat and the Superglue

One morning, Matilda decides to teach her obnoxious father Mr Wormwood a lesson, armed only with a tub of superglue and his favourite pork-pie hat.

She takes the hat from its usual place and squeezes a thin layer of superglue around it. You can guess what happens next, can't you?

Let go! You'll take half the skin off my forehead!

Mr Wormwood

2. The Ghost

Matilda has a friend called Fred. Fred has a talking parrot. And when Matilda's parents are horrible to her again, she dreams up a very clever use for Fred's parrot.

Well - let's just say, the Wormwoods get a bit of a fright in their dining room that evening.

This room is haunted! I thought you knew that.

Matilda Wormwood

3. The Platinum-Blond Man

Mr Wormwood really should learn to be polite to his daughter. But a few weeks after the ghostly intruder he gets another dose of Matilda's medicine, after she mixes up his oil of violets hair tonic and her mother's hair dye...

You look like someone's grandmother gone wrong!

Mrs Wormwood