April Fools Countdown: 4 weeks

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1:30pm, 4th March
Enormous Crocodile
Roald Dahl's Enormous Crocodile, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

We're counting down to 1 April with some of Roald Dahl's trickiest, most mischievous characters. First: The Enormous Crocodile

This time in four weeks we will all either be big April Fools - or perhaps we'll have managed to pull off some clever tricks of our own. Especially if we follow the lead of some of Roald Dahl's terrible tricksters, like The Enormous Crocodile. Although we must ask you NOT to try The Enormous Crocodile's tricks. They're strictly for crocodiles who like to eat children, and that isn't you, is it? 

Now, the Croc is a character who thinks himself very clever - as he tells all the other creatures in the jungle:

I've thought up secret plans and clever tricks.

(Notsobig disagrees though. He calls the Enormous Crocodile "the stupidest croc on the whole river.")

Nevertheless, there are a few Crocodile tricks you would be wise to watch out for...

1. Take care under trees

That might look like a coconut tree, but look a bit closer and if you think the trunk looks a bit green, and scaly, and - well - a bit like a crocodile... just be careful is all we'll say.

2. Be suspicious of see-saws

The Enormous Crocodile has been known to disguise himself as a harmless looking piece of playground equipment. So watch where you sit.

3. Beware of benches

Speaking of sitting down, you should also check whether that bench you're about to eat your lunch on isn't actually a beastly creature that would like to eat YOU for lunch.

Keep your eyes peeled for Crocodile trickery and you should be just fine. If you do see him though, you can always call for Trunky the Elephant.

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