April Fools Countdown: 2 weeks

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Roald Dahl HQ
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11:30am, 18th March
George Kranky and his Grandma, from Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

We're counting down to 1st April by celebrating some of Roald Dahl's trickiest, most mischievous characters. Say hello to George Kranky.

George Kranky is eight years old. He lives with his parents  and his miserable old Grandma on their farm, which is "miles away from anywhere."

Being left alone with his grandmother is not something George enjoys. She's pretty nasty, bossing him around and frightening him with her witchy stories.

But Grandma underestimates George. He may only be a young boy, but like Matilda Wormwood, he's a fine mischief-maker...His Marvellous Medicine gives Grandma a terrific surprise and his father is so excited by the possiblities, the goats and chickens on the farm just don't know what's hit them.

Let's look at a few of the key ingredients from Marvellous Medicine Number One (WARNING: do NOT try this at home!)

1. Golden Gloss Hair Shampoo

This is ingredient number one - Very Important. George finds this in the bathroom (although you can also find a wondefully cuddly replica in the bedroom with this marvellous cushion.)

That ought to wash her tummy nice and clean.

- George Kranky

2. Superwhite for Automatic Washing-Machines

George comes across this in the laundry-room. "DIRT," it says on the box, "WILL DISAPPEAR LIKE MAGIC." He adds the whole box.

3. Dark Tan Brown Shoe Polish

To give his medicine the brown tinge his Grandma will be expecting, George colours his concotion with shoe polish from the laundry-room.

4. Pills for Horses with Hoarse Throats
'Grandma may not have a hoarse throat,' George said, 'but she's certainly got a sharp tongue. Maybe they'll cure that instead.'


Do not try mixing George's medicine yourself - it could be dangerous. But if you DO want to create a bit of Roald Dahl-inspired mischief, why not turn yourself into Mr Twit or download your own Miss-Trunchbull-newt-trick?